betfair Live Blackjack bonus boost

By | November 6, 2015

£15,000 Live Blackjack bonus!

betfair Live Casino are giving you the chance to get a share of a £15,000 prize pot, just by playing Live Blackjack!

All you need to do is play at one of their Live Blackjack tables and get two or three Blackjacks in a row – get 2 Blackjacks and get a £50 bonus; get 3 in a row and get £250!

Be quick, though, once the pot is gone, it’s gone. The clock’s started, so get playing now…!

Blackjack guide

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And find out why most new players lose at Blackjack!

£200 sign-up bonus

Not a betfair customer? Sign up by clicking on the box below and get an extra £200 sign-up bonus!


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