Slot Features – Well Worth Understanding

By | April 24, 2017

It wasn’t long ago that many slots failed to have much to offer other than standard features such as wild symbols, multipliers and scatters. They also were not overly creative when it came to the design of symbols let alone the theme and tone of the games. However, the latest developments have changed the way many look at slots as video slots now offer some of the most extensive imagery, let alone sounds that equal that of big budget movies. It has seen a new level of gaming come to the forefront for casinos and feature wise; many now include the likes of free spins, multiple variations of wild symbols, locked reels, random bonus games, and many others too numerous to list.

So how is this relevant to the average slot player? Well, it matters a great deal as it can ultimately affect the amount you win in so far as understanding the features and designs of a slot will help you to determine which are better suited for your playing style and budget.

Paylines, Reels, and Paytables – How Do They Affect the Game?

Modern games provide players with a vast selection of betting options and rewards as a result of completing certain symbol combinations. The number of reels determines how many paylines are available as three reel slots are limited to 1-5 lines, and five reel slots will offer up to 100 paylines. When you add in “ways to win,” the available winning combinations soar into the thousands. The number of paylines or ways to win will ultimately affect the amount of your per spin wager, and this is important to understand. For example, a 20 payline slot with a $0.01 bet per line will see a minimum bet total of $0.20, but the same bet applied to 100 payline slots will increase that amount to $1.00.

The number of reels also will regulate how many symbols can appear in any single winning combination. With three reel slots, you need at least three symbols to activate a win, however with five reel slots, you also need at least three symbol combinations, but the difference comes with being able to increase the profitability of those wins by generating five symbol wins.

Regarding payouts, three reel slots tend to provide fewer possible combinations but tend to award higher payouts when taking the lower bet into considerations. However, five reel games offer win combinations more often but provide less valuable winnings due to the increased number of available symbols being offered on the reels. However, five reels slots also have the ability to award substantial wins that far exceed those of your more traditional classic slots.

Video Slots – What Bonus Features Will You Find?

Bonus features have become one of the most attractive aspects in today’s modern slots as they provide the ability to trigger large winning combinations.Those behind the development of such games are constantly working on new ways, both unique and creative to give people increased reasons to play their games.

Wild symbols are about the most well-known among players as they are able to activate an increased number of combinations by replicating other symbols. In recent years, this feature has evolved to include shifting wilds (moves to the right or left with), expanding wilds (covers the whole reel), random wilds (appear at random is various positions), sticky wilds (offer re-spins with the wilds shown remaining in place) and various others. This only intensifies the winning capabilities, let alone the enjoyment factor.

Free spins bonuses still offer players regular free spins, but some have adjusted this feature to allow multiple free spins selections, each offering its own unique feature within a feature option. They can encompass free spins with added wild features, multipliers, stacked symbols, extra bonus games and the list goes on.

Bonus games have evolved the most and now provide players with games that are interactive. For example, previously, bonus games offered players a simple picking bonus where you chose a chest or item and received a coin award. Modern bonuses now provide a far greater option and become games within themselves, hence their appeal.

Recommended Casinos Offering These Games

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Author: Andy Follin

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