Live dealer games, casinos and software

The advent of high-speed broadband means you can now enjoy a live casino experience wherever you are, 24/7, 365 days a year.

Live video streams bring the action straight to your desktop, laptop or tablet device. All the major casinos now offer Live Casino rooms so you can play your favourite casino games with real dealers in a real casino.

At Live casinos, you see the Roulette wheel being spun, the Baccarat cards dealt, the Sic Bo dice shaken. You can even chat with the dealers. Seeing everything in real time leaves no room for doubt - you can trust the games and the results, enhancing your gambling experience. And with games happening every 20 seconds, there's no delay in the action.

See below for a comprehensive guide to Live Casino games, covering games, casinos and software, and start to play for real!

The live dealer experience

One of the attractions of playing in a casino is the opportunity to interact and chat - ok, flirt! - with an attractive dealer. As good as online games are, players have always felt that not having that personal element meant that an essential part of the game was missing.

Live casinos put that missing piece back in the jigsaw. So, if you're looking to play with a good looking, glamorous dealer, where should you be playing?

Playtech offer two sets of dealers - the Euro dealers based in Latvia, and the Asia dealers based in the Philippines. Some casinos allow you to play in both rooms, some just offer one. In all cases, the emphasis is on social interaction rather than glamour. The dealers are chatty and good-humoured, though not quite as striking as those found elsewhere.

Dublinbet take a very different approach - where the others provide a realistic casino setting, streamed from a studio, the Distance Gaming feed comes direct from Fitzwilliam casino in Dublin. In this particular case, there's no question that the dealers are real.

Female players are also catered for as our #1 recommendation also features sophisticated male dealers alongside the elegant females.

Whatever you're looking for in a live dealer, be it looks, glamour or personality, one of the casinos above will offer you exactly what you want.