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The A to Z of Online Slots

Enjoying the phenomenal variety of slots can be profitable, revitalising, highly entertaining and enormously enjoyable. Technological advances removed all creation barriers and developers can now give free range to their imaginations when it comes to theme variety, 3D animations, incredible audio quality and captivating gameplay. The number of bonus features increases constantly, and every new release introduces slot enthusiasts to even more exciting ways to reel in (pun intended!) dream wins.

Whether you are a slots aficionado or just a casual player, knowing the basic glossary makes these terms familiar and gives you a much greater understanding of what slots play is all about.

A version of online slots that is played out in 3D scenarios with 3D characters
3 reels
A slots game with 3 reels and 1 payline (aka reel slots)
5 reels
A slots game with 5 reels and multiple paylines (aka video slots)
The action that takes place on a slot during a specific period. These periods are often used to determine the patterns and behaviours of slots.
Active Paylines
The number of paylines enabled by the player, which indicates how many lines winnings can occur.
Add On
A feature used most commonly in slot tournaments, which enables participants to boost their scoring potential.
All Way
All Way Win indicates that the paylines in the slot award winnings from right to left and left to right.
Annuity Winner
Jackpot paid by slot to a group of players in instalments over a lengthy period, which can be a couple of years.
Auto Spin
An automated feature offered by several slot machines, allowing the player to select 20 up to 100 spins to occur automatically, without any player participation.
Amusement with Prizes, a classic slot featuring fruit symbols.
A term gamblers or frequent slot players use to describe a slot machine.
The amount of money players have deposited and have currently available to play with.
A symbol found in traditional slots which can appear as a single bar, double or even triple bar.
Bet Max
Automatically bet the maximum amount on a spin
An amount selected to place on the outcome before spinning action takes place.
Bet per line
The amount selected to be wagered per payline.
Bet per spin
The bet per payline is multiplied by the number of active paylines to determine the bet per spin value.
Bet size
The amount bet on each spin (equal to Coin size x Number of coins x Paylines)
Buy in
The fee to enter or buy in to a slots tournament
Bonus Feature
Bonus features can be triggered based on specific combinations or randomly and provides players with additional ways to earn bonus payouts.
Branded Slot
Licensed slots created by the software developer in cooperation with the brand owner.
Additional symbols added to the slot providing higher cash prizes, players need to wager increased amounts.
Buy In
The fee payable to enter a tournament
Classic Slot
Traditional slot featuring three reels and a single payline.
Coin size
The denomination of coin used in the bet (links with Number of coins)
Collapsing Stacks
A special feature in slots that can trigger multiple wins
Extender tournament
A slots tournament that allows Rebuys and Add ons
A special feature in slots that can trigger multiple wins
A free to enter slots tournament
Free Spins
A bonus round that enables numerous free spins that requires no additional wagering.
Fruit Machine
Online versions of the classic casino 3 reel game featuring Holds and Nudges
A gamble feature offered by some slots enable players to double their winnings if they predict the accurate outcome of the next card.
A series of slot games designed by Yggradsil in which individual symbols expand into 2x2, 3x3 or even bigger symbols.
Often used to describe a win on a spin that features a winning combo on an active payline.
Hit Frequency
The number of times a slot awards a winning combination.
Person that places extremely large bets.
A feature on fruit machines that allows players to hold reels in place
Slots that allow players to interact with the game and change the course of it
The maximum amount of money a player can win in a game
Mobile Slot
Slots available for play across all hand-held devices including tablets and smartphones.
Slot featuring more than one payline
Symbols that boost the players winnings by multiplying them
A fruit machine feature that allows players to move reels downwards
Number of coins
How many coins are used in each bet (links with coin size)
One-Armed Bandit
Classic slot machine available at land-based casinos of which reels spun once the handle on the side is pulled down.
Online Slot
Slots played via desktop or laptop via the internet.
The different combinations of symbols that cause a payout
The winnings awarded to a player who spins in a winning combination.
Payout Percentage
The percentage a slot machine offers as a payback via winnings.
An explanation of all the different paylines
Pick Me
Bonus round in which players need to select items in order to reveal and win hidden cash prizes.
Australian term for Slot machines (from 'Poker machine')
Progressive Jackpots
Games linked through different casinos with a jackpot that continues to escalate in value due to the constant contribution adding to the value, each time the game is played.
Progressive Ticker
A meter displayed above the reels that show how the progressive jackpot increases.
Random Number Generator - technology that ensures spin outcomes are fair and random.
A tournament feature that allows players to rebuy entry and start again
Rotating barrels used in mechanical slots, virtual equivalents are used in video slots and is also called reels.
Reel Slots
Another name for 3 reel slots
Reloader Tournament
A tournament that allows players to rebuy multiple times
The horizontal lines in which symbols appear.
Scatter Symbols
Unique symbols that can trigger payouts or bonus rounds
Scheduled Tournament
A tournament that is scheduled in advance with a definite start and end time
Sit and Go Tournament
A tournament with a maximum number of players and redistribution of buy in fees
Special Features
Second level game play designed to enhance player winnings
Skill Stop
A feature that enables players to stop the spinning of reels manually.
Static Jackpot
The amount offered by the jackpot will never change, and the jackpot is not contributed to by a percentage of the wager like in progressive jackpots.
Survivor Tournament
A knockout tournament usually played out over 3 rounds
A bonus round in which players get to progress up a ladder or around a track to gain higher prizes.
Low, medium or high - how often and how much a slot pays out
Video Slots
Another name for 5 reel slots - the most common form of online slot game
Amount of money placed as a bet on a spin.
Wild symbols
A symbol that can be substituted for any other symbol except the scatter symbol to increase the chances of forming a winning combination.
Paylines running from right to left and left to right.
Winning Combinations
A collection of identical symbols on a payline that results in a win.

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