How to beat betfair Zero Blackjack

betfair Zero Lounge games

These games are unfortunately no longer being provided by betfair.

The information below is for reference purposes only.

Zero Blackjack strategy

Zero Blackjack optimal strategy

betfair Zero Lounge Blackjack has a house edge of 0 because it pays out 2 - 1 for a suited natural Blackjack and a five card 21.

To beat Zero Blackjack, an optimal strategy is essential.

The strategy described below has the advantage of being simple to learn and apply, but still being effective enough to give you the edge.

New to Blackjack? See the video tutorial at the foot of this page.

Strategy to beat Zero Blackjack

Aces should be treated as 1, except with 7, 8, and 9 when they equal 11.


A, 6 is always 7
A, 8 is always 19

Points total is the total of all cards in your hand, not just the first 2, so the same rules apply to

7 and 6,
5, 4
and 4
A, 4
and 8

all of which should be treated as 13.

Hit, Stand or Double Down?

Points total Action
3 to 11 HIT
12 to 16 HIT if dealer > 6, otherwise STAND
17 to 20 STAND
Exception: A, 7 HIT if dealer > 8, otherwise STAND
9 DOUBLE DOWN if dealer < 7
10 DOUBLE DOWN if dealer < 10
ALL PAIRS except 4s, 5s and 10s SPLIT
PAIR of 4s HIT
PAIR of 5s HIT if dealer has 10 or A, else DOUBLE DOWN
Exception: PAIR 2s, 3s, 6s, 7s SPLIT if dealer < 8 otherwise HIT

How to beat Zero Blackjack - summary

Playing Zero Lounge Blackjack with the above strategy will reduce the House Edge to around 0.6 per cent. If you're lucky enough to get either a suited Blackjack or 5 card twenty one, the edge is reduced to zero.

Our advice? Practice this strategy on betfair's Zero Blackjack 'Play for fun' mode until it becomes second nature, then play it for real and wait to hit one of those two winning hands.

Try out our Zero Lounge Blackjack strategy now!

Zero Blackjack - video tutorial