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These games are unfortunately no longer being provided by betfair.

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Zero edge - 100% payout!

betfair's Zero Lounge is the only casino in the world with no house edge. As you'll know, the house edge shows how much a casino expects to win on any particular game in the long run. In other words, betfair expects to win nothing from its Zero Lounge games! The Zero Lounge therefore has the best casino odds and the highest payout of any online casino. As betfair say on their website:

"The return to player on all zero games is 100.0 per cent. This is correct to at least 1 decimal place based on optimal player strategy."

This sounds like a gimmick, but in reality betfair have made a loss in 28 of the 130 countries or territories in which it has customers. In Greece, for example, betfair lost £29,700 at Zero Lounge Roulette - an actual payback of 100.02%.

What is an optimal strategy?

That phrase 'optimal player strategy' probably didn't escape your attention! In order to take advantage of the 100+ % payout, you have to know exactly how to play each of the games. Which is where we can help! In the following sections we explain why each game has a possible 100% payout, then link through to a specific strategy page that tells you exactly how to get it!

Zero Baccarat

betfair have reduced the commission on the Banker bet from 5% to 2.75%. This gives the best return to players of any Baccarat game on the web.

To win at betfair's Zero Lounge Baccarat doesn't require you to play any differently to 'normal' Baccarat i.e. our standard Baccarat strategy still applies.

Except that the 2.75% commission figure hides a little secret! betfair state that the 100% payout is accurate to 1 decimal place - 2.75 is actually two decimal places. If you place a £1 bet, the commission will actually be 2.8p - not 2.75p - because it's rounded up to 1 decimal place. Not a massive difference, but enough to tip the house edge back in their favour.

However, there's a way round this, a way to maintain the house edge at 0 and the payout at 100%. To find out how, read our Zero Baccarat system!

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Zero Blackjack

betfair pay out 2 - 1 for a suited natural Blackjack and a five card twenty one. Combined with a proper Blackjack strategy, this brings the house edge down to 0.

Our simple 3-stage Blackjack strategy is designed to introduce beginners to the game and take them through to expert players with the minimum of fuss.

The optimal strategy to beat Zero Lounge Blackjack is to use all three of our stages (ie play at 'expert' level) with one or two tweaks for exceptional circumstances.

Learn our Zero Blackjack system and get your payouts to 100%!

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Zero Roulette

betfair's Zero Lounge Roulette wheel has no zero! In other words, the odds on each bet are exactly in line with probability. For example, you'll get paid out 35 to 1 for a single number. The odds of it winning are 35 to 1. On the even-money bets (Red / Black, Odd / Even etc) the odds are exactly evens.

If you've studied our evens-chance gambling systems, your ears will be pricking up at this point! A true odds Roulette wheel should open the doors to the likes of the Martingale, Labouchere, Fibonacci etc.

It should, but it doesn't. betfair may be generous, but they're not stupid! They've placed very strict limits on the Zero Lounge Roulette tables to ensure that they're not taken for every penny they own. Doubling systems are out, as are most progressives.

But there's one system that does still work, even with betfair's tight table limits. To find out what it is, and to learn how to beat the Zero Lounge Roulette, read our Zero Roulette system.

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Zero Jacks or Better

We don't normally cover Video Poker, but the Zero Lounge version attracted our attention!

betfair's Zero Lounge Jacks or Better pays out at 976 to 1. At many other casinos (and in betfair's Main Lounge) this figure is 250 to 1.

Normally, casinos pay out more on a Royal for betting 5 coins at a time. For example, the Main Lounge Jacks or Better pays 4000 to 1 for a Royal. That's 16 times the payout for playing 1 coin.

In the Zero Lounge, the payout for a Royal on 5 coin play is 4880 to 1 - exactly 5 times the payout for playing 1 coin. In other words, there's no advantage to playing more than the mimimum number of coins.

Putting this together with basic Video Poker rules gives a Zero Jacks or Better system!

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Zero edge - 100% payout

The Zero Lounge is exactly what it claims to be: the only casino in the world to give the player a chance to win on 100% of their bets.

It requires strategy and discipline in order to take advantage of these payouts, but that's a small price to pay for a true odds casino!

In summary, betfair's Zero Lounge gives Fortune Palace punters the ideal setting to play in a structured, systematic way, knowing that they have every chance to finally beat the House!

We know you'll love it and we have no hesitation in recommending it to you.

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